405C Traffic Records Program (Formerly 408)

Documentation and Forms Related to the NHTSA Funded 405 (formerly 408) Traffic Records Program

Accident & Rates Books and Accident Coding Information

Accident and Rates Books for Various Years, and Coding Guides.
Interchange/Ramp Coding Maps

Detailed Coding Maps showing the ramp code letters and mile points for coding crash locations in interchanges throughout the state.

Crash Data

Colorado Crash Data (including PDO, Injury, and Fatal data)

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FASTER Safety Mitigation Program

Fatal Crash Data

Fatal Crash Data (Historical) and Fatal Accident Reporting Documents.

Federal Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP)

Memorial Sign Program

Miscellaneous Project Details

Project Operations Evaluation

Safety Analysis Information

Safety Performance Functions (SPF) for Colorado

Safety Circuit Rider

Safety Standard Plans

Strategic Transportation Safety Plan

2014-19 Colorado Strategic Highway Safety Plan

Colorado’s past Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP) built on the success of the past and the state’s previous Strategic Plan for Improving Roadway Safety (SPIRS) adopted on October 1, 2006. This SHSP provided innovative, data-driven approaches to address issues that impacted traffic safety including emerging issues such as the change in Colorado’s marijuana laws. The SHSP drew on the experience, knowledge, and expertise of a multidisciplinary group of government agencies and private sector organizations, for the first time committed to the TZD goal, and relied on their continued commitment and tireless efforts to work toward a collective goal of Moving Towards Zero Deaths.

2020-23 Colorado Strategic Transportation Safety Plan

The Strategic Transportation Safety Plan has been updated for 2020 to 2023. It is a statewide plan, intended for all Colorado stakeholders involved with transportation safety; it replaces the Strategic Highway Safety Plan (2014 -2019). The plan guides all Colorado agencies and other stakeholders in taking action on improving transportation safety – specifically in areas of leadership, safety culture, driver behavior, and infrastructure. The plan incorporates a "Zero Deaths" philosophy, and has identified 15 key strategies to target Colorado’s high and critical priority safety issues. Our goal is to reduce fatalities and serious injuries in Colorado by 15% by 2023.

Traffic Analysis and Forecasting Guidelines

Traffic Booklets, Informational Pamphlets, ..

Traffic Documents and Publications


Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD)

CDOT Guide Sign Design Manual

This manual is a guidance to standardize CDOT sign layout practices. CDOT standards are based upon MUTCD and Standard Highway Signs Book. CDOT Sign Shop capabilities are also explained for guidance on special signing issues.

Traffic Signs

Traffic Special Provisions

Statewide Project Special Provisions

For use with the 2011 Spec Book. The Traffic Sample Project Special Provisions can be used on CDOT construction projects. They may be copied and edited for use on new construction projects.

Variable Speed Limits

Work Zones