Eastern Plains Timber Bridge Replacement

Work this Month
March 2023

A timber bridge on U.S. Highway 34 (Mile Point 198.84) approximately two miles east of Colorado Highway 63/Cedar Avenue in Akron will be replaced starting in April 2023.

Daily lane closures with flaggers alternating traffic are expected for several months while the contractor removes the bridge and replaces it with a large concrete box culvert.

A four-day full closure of US 34 between County Road EE and CR GG is necessary in late March or early April when the bridge is demolished and replaced with the culvert. More information will be posted on message boards near the work zone and on this web page as the closure date approaches.

About the Project:

Ten timber bridges throughout the region are in the process of being removed and replaced with concrete bridges or box culverts. Five bridges are now complete. Roadway pavement on the bridge approaches will be removed and replaced. Outside shoulders will be widened to eight feet across each bridge or box culvert. Other project work includes new guardrail, drainage improvements, access modifications, and upgraded signage and striping. Drivers should expect full roadway closures for each of the five remaining bridge replacements.

Phase 1 bridges are now complete. More information can be found on the Eastern Plains Timber Bridges Phase 1 page.

Phase 2 work is underway. The first bridge location on US 6 east of Brush (mile point 372.75) is nearly complete. The US 34 bridge east of Akron is expected to start in March 2023.

Project Facts

  • Cost: $25 million
  • Contractor: Lawrence Construction
  • Timeline: January 2022 - Late 2024
  • Location: 10 locations on US 6, US 36, US 40, and CO 61 
Structure # Location Mile Point Description Status


US 34 over Republican River


US 34 one mile east of Campbell Avenue, Laird

Phase 4 - TBD


US 34 over draw


US 34 two miles east of Campbell Avenue, Laird

Phase 4 - TBD


CO 61 over Surveyor Creek


CO 61 three miles north of US 34, Otis

Phase 3 - TBD


US 40 over Agate Creek


US 40 one mile west of Main Street, Agate

Phase 1, complete


US 40 over draw


US 40 1/2-mile west of Ivy Street, Deer Trail

Phase 1, complete


US 6 over Beaver Canal


US 6 one mile east of I-76/US 6 interchange, Brush

Phase 2, underway


US 36 over draw


US 36 two miles west of CR 173 (Bradbury Road)

Phase 1, complete


I-70 Service Road over draw


US 40 one mile west of Peoria Road

Phase 1, complete


US 34 over draw


US 34 two miles east of CO 63/Cedar Avenue, Akron

Phase 2, March 2023


US 34 over draw


US 34 three miles west of CO 61/Dade Street, Otis

Phase 2, Spring 2023