CO 96 Overlay between Eads and Sheridan Lake

About the Project:

The project will improve and prolong the life of the road surface. Work will primarily consist of resurfacing the roadway with leveling, overlaying, upgrading guardrails, and minor structure repairs. A smooth road or highway has many important benefits including safety and improved quality for driving experience. Construction of wider shoulders will improve safety by providing a larger recoverable area on the side of the roadway and reduce the potential of crashes from vehicles veering off the main roadway.

Project Benefits

  • Smoother roads will improve safety and quality for driving experience.
  • Resurfacing can greatly extend the life of the asphalt pavement; Some highways may last more than 50 years with periodic resurfacing of the top layer of asphalt and timely repairs.
  • A newly paved road has fewer impacts on those who bike, drive, or take public transit

Work Schedule:

  • Construction will begin again May 8th
  • Monday thru Friday from ½ hour after sunrise (approx. 7 a.m.) and end a half hour before sunset (approx. 7 p.m.).
  • Project is anticipated to end in late November of 2023

Traffic Impacts:

Motorists can expect the following impacts during the period of construction:

  • Reduced speeds of 40 MPH
  • Intermittent single-lane, alternating traffic through the work zone throughout the duration of the project
  • Both directions of traffic will be affected
  • Vehicles may be reduced to an 11 foot lane width restriction
  • Delays of up to 15 minutes are anticipated
  • Motorists are to follow directions from flaggers on site.
  • Refer to for real-time travel conditions and road closures

Work this Week & Lane Closures
CO 96 Overlay Project

Project Facts

  • Construction Cost: $12.7 Million
  • Contractor: A & S
  • Timeline: May - November 2023 (end date extended from October)
  • Location: CO 96 between Eads and Sheridan Lake 
    • Mile Point(s): 169 - 193.77
    • County: Kiowa
CO 96 between Eads and Sheridan Lake, Mile Point(s): 169 - 193.77 KiowaCounty
CO 96 between Eads and Sheridan Lake,