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Office Innovative Mobility Grants - Electrification and Energy

The Electrification and Energy Grant contain two funding opportunities:

  • ZEV Workforce Development - To develop and attract the skills and talent necessary to meet the changing demands of the transportation electrification sector. This grant addresses multiple challenges that Colorado and the wider mobility and electrification industry are facing: talent shortages, gaps in new skillsets, and the growing need for training due to technological advances. 
  • E-Mobility Education and Awareness -  To expand public awareness and education around EVs and increase public understanding of their benefits, capabilities, and availability.

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Charge Ahead Colorado

The Charge Ahead Colorado Program is a joint effort of the Colorado Energy Office and the Regional Air Quality Council that was established in 2013. Funded through the Colorado Electric Vehicle Grant Fund, the federal Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) program, and Volkswagen Settlement funds, Charge Ahead supports the purchase and installation of electric vehicle charging equipment at public buildings, workplaces, retail locations, and other sites statewide. Since its inception, the program has made awards for more than 930 electric vehicle charging stations across Colorado.

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Volkswagen Diesel Emissions Settlement

The State of Colorado will receive over $68.7 million from a settlement with the car manufacturer Volkswagen Group of America. Administered through the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, and guided by the Beneficiary Mitigation Plan, the settlement funds have been directed to five eligible mitigation actions:

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Consolidated Call for Capital Projects

Channeled through the Division of Transit and Rail's Consolidated Call for Capital Projects (CCCP) application, funding for zero-emission fueled transit vehicles has been made available using funds from the Volkswagen Settlement Trust.

As part of its annual CCCP application process, the Division of Transit and Rail distributes funding from the Volkswagen Settlement Trust to support the replacement of zero-emission fueled transit vehicles. To date, the program has provided over $40 million to support the replacement of transit buses and the construction of EV charging infrastructure.

Consolidated Call for Capital Projects Program Information

DOLA Renewable & Clean Energy Challenge

In 2019, the Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) launched a catalytic Renewable/Clean Energy Challenge grant program to spark efforts in reaching Colorado's goal of 100% renewable energy by 2040. Providing funds for both planning and implementation, the program supports projects that:

  • Achieve renewable energy, energy efficiency, and energy conservation efforts.
  • Support innovations in renewable energy.
  • Achieve multiple objectives and/or serve those with the greatest need.
  • Develop plans, studies, and policies that further long-term, large-scale renewable energy generation and conservation.
Renewable & Clean Energy Grant Information

Recharge Colorado

​The Colorado Energy Office's ReCharge Colorado program works to advance the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) and installation of charging infrastructure in Colorado. 

ReCharge Colorado Coaches provide coaching services for EVs and infrastructure development in every county in the state. ReCharge Coaches help consumers, local governments, workplaces and multiunit housing developments identify monetary savings, grant opportunities and other advantages related to deploying EVs and charging infrastructure. 

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