Materials Bulletins

Updated on November 10, 2022.
2023 Field Materials Manual Update

2022-3. November 10, 2022. The purpose of this Bulletin is to notify all project personnel working on projects using the current 2023 CDOT Field Materials Manual of the following updates: 1). The CDOT Form 1600 Contractors Certificate of Compliance for Materials & Manufactured Products will be added to the CDOT Forms webpage and the CDOT Materials & Geotechnical, Buy America Requirements for Iron and Steel webpage. The CDOT Form 1600 is also an attachment to the 2023 FMM. 2). The 2023 FMM OA Schedule, Item 627, was updated. 3). The 2023 FMM Contractor, Special Notice chapter, Sections 4, 4.2, 5, 5.2, 5.3 (Glass Beads) have been added or revised.

CP 78-16a Certification of High Speed Profilers

2015-2. December 28, 2015. The intent of this Materials Bulletin is to replace in total the old CP 78-16 from the 2016 Field Materials Manual (FMM) or any previous FMMs that is still being utilized on an active project with the latest CP 78-16.

CDOT’s 2015-a FMM CP 13-15a, Check Testing

2015-1. April 7, 2015. The intent of this Materials Bulletin is to replace in total CP 13 with CP 13-15a from the 2015 FMM and any previous FMM that is still being utilized on an active project.

M-E Pavement Design Manual

2014-3. December 29, 2014. This Material Bulletin replaces Tables 2.4 and 2.5 of Chapter 2 in the 2015 M-E Pavement Design Manual with revisions to the permanent deformation values.

CDOT’s 2014 FMM Special Notice to Contractors

2013-1. July 1, 2013. The intent of this Materials Bulletin is to correct an error within the published Special Notice to Contractors - 14 for the recently released 2014 Field Materials Manual.

CDOT Micropile Use & FHWA's Buy America

2011-02. October 14, 2011. This bulletin is meant to communicate the FHWA’s official position on the applicability of Buy America provisions to steel casings used in micropile construction.

Pavement Type Selection Committee

Policy Memo 16. March 21, 2003. To assist in the pavement type selection process, a committee should be formed when the initial Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA) results indicate the pavement types are within 10%.