CDOT Roadway Design Guide 2018

Issued on October 25, 2018. Includes 2018 revisions to the 2005 CDOT Roadway Design Guide.
Chapter 15 - Bridge

This chapter addresses the basic issues the roadway designer must consider when designing a roadway project that includes major or minor structures. The Staff Bridge Branch will play an active and early role in the development of the project- specific activities related to highway structures.

Chapter 16 - Construction Specifications

This chapter defines Standard Specifications and Special Provisions. It provides details on the format and guidelines for writing Special Provisions, and describes the approval process for both Standard and Project Special Provisions.

Chapter 18 - Noise Guide

This chapter is intended to help designers identify issues related to highway traffic noise, understand the applicable federal and state regulations and guidelines, analyze traffic noise for specific projects, and select and implement noise mitigation measures. (Unchanged from the 2005 Guide.)

Chapter 19 - Roundabouts

A roundabout is a form of a circular intersection in which traffic travels counterclockwise around a central island where entering traffic must yield to circulating traffic.

Chapter 20 - Safety and Traffic Engineering

The mission of CDOT's Traffic and Safety Engineering Branch is to reduce the frequency and severity of motor vehicle crashes which have a comprehensive and economic cost. This chapter addresses most, but not all, important design issues related to providing a safer transportation system.