About the Headquarters Team


The Civil Rights & Business Resource Center is CDOT's headquarters civil rights unit, and oversees all program development related to compliance with nondiscrimination regulations, policies, and procedures. The CRBRC also provides training and education, and performs quality assurance on compliance processes to ensure equal access to CDOT programs and activities for all citizens.


Greg Diehl, Civil Rights Program Director
CDOT ADA Coordinator, Title VI Coordinator, DBELO, CRBRC Manager
(303) 757-9599
[email protected]
Anna Mariotti, ADA, Title VI and
Contract Compliance Manager
(303) 757-9493
[email protected]
Jun Arcilla, DBE Program Manager & Certifications Lead
(303) 512-4141
Mónica Vialpando, Construction Compliance Manager
(720) 668-0367 
(303) 757-9540
Kelly Whaley, Transit Project Compliance and Nontraditional Project Innovation Specialist
(720) 930-1523
Emily Crespin, Small Business & Workforce Development Manager
(303) 757-9597
Karen Fujii-Martin, Professional Services Compliance Specialist
(303) 512-4016
Veronica Urbina, Davis-Bacon Compliance & Civil Rights Specialist
(303) 512-4144
L. Catherine Wood, Civil Rights Specialist, Subcontractor Compliance
(720) 990-7266
Zoe DeMuth-George, Small Business Certification Specialist
(303) 512 4138
Robert Highsmith, Small Business Certification Specialist
(303) 512-4069
Chessie Price, Communications Specialist
(720) 584-6202
[email protected]
Jose Rosado Moura, ADA Data Technician
(303) 512-4142
Mohamed Benjelloun, Data Management Specialist
(303) 757-9310
Local Agency Compliance System Integration Support


[email protected]